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TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy)

TPLO is an advanced orthopedic surgery for treatment of cranial cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joint of dogs. The cranial cruciate ligament is an important structural support in the knee (stifle) joint.
Rupture of this ligament is one of the most common causes of rear limb lameness in the dog, causing severe pain and inflammation in the knee joint.

Compared to other options, TPLO generally provides:

• more range of motion for the joint
• a better return to athletic or working activity
• less long term arthritis and pain

TPLO surgery levels the top of the tibia, creating a stable surface for the femur and eliminating the sliding actionwhich causes damage to the joint. To accomplish leveling of the tibia plateau, the top of the tibia is cut, realigned, and a metal plate is placed to hold the top of the bone in position to heal. During surgery the torn ligament and the meniscus, if damaged, will be trimmed or removed to reduce inflammation.
Recovery from TPLO surgery is more rapid and complete than for other procedures used in the past. Some dogs will start bearing weight within 24 hours after surgery, and almost all dogs are starting to put weight on the leg within 2 weeks. Generally within 2-3 months the leg is fully healed.


It is very important in the post-op period to restrict the dog’s activity to walking on a leash and to prevent falling, jumping, playing with other dogs, or any activity which could result in trauma to the surgery site.

On a case by case basis, Dr. Mauer will recommend physical activities to maintain strength in the muscles while the leg heals.


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