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This is my all time favorite testimonial;
Only one I have ever received from the patient.
Read and Enjoy as I have So Many Times
Who Is Dr. Roger Mauer DVM


My name is ‘Bentley’ and I’m a Boxer/Mastiff Mix Dog. In late November of 2010, I was playing in the park and jumped up to grab a ball that was being tossed to me. Somehow, I landed improperly on my rear right leg but didn’t realize the extent of my injury until a few hours later. Later that evening I began to moan in agony and my Mom was terribly worried about me because she’d never heard the sounds I was making and knew something was wrong? She hovered over me for most of the night but in the morning, I was not much better. We lived very near Cheyenne West Animal hospital in Las Vegas so my Mom took me there to be checked. We met a wonderful man named Dr. Mauer who I fell in love with and he became my new Best Friend. He was very kind and gentle with me so I trusted him and wasn’t afraid that he would hurt me in any way. That was very important to both myself and my Mom.
In late December of 2011, I was playing with a few of my dog pals at the Pasadena Rose Bowl and suddenly collapsed? After seeing a local Veterinarian, he discovered the very same thing happened to my left leg. The doctors wanted me to have immediate surgery but My Mom wasn’t going for that. She called Dr. Mauer and scheduled my surgery with him because she knew he would not only do a great job, his fees were very fair and reasonable. Off to Vegas we went and once again, I had a successful surgery, and returned to Los Angeles……In August of this year, Dr. Mauer removed my last stint and I’m entirely healed! Talk about a great doctor!! Dr. Mauer is the best and well worth the drive to and from Los Angeles for me to see him! My Mom certainly wouldn’t have it any other way because she loves me so much and believes in Dr. Mauer’s capabilities and professionalism. I’m a living and barking witness to this fact!!
He took some ex-rays and discovered I had torn a ligament in my leg that was causing all the pain..He gave me an injection, some medication to relieve the pain and sent me home to recuperate. After a few days, I felt better and was able to get around the house but no serious walks for a while until my ligament healed..That recuperation period lasted about 6 weeks. Finally, I was able to walk to the nearby park without having my leash on and took off running like the wind, I was so happy. Well, guess what I did? I wound up ripping that ligament right in half and had to have immediate surgery. I was in pain and afraid and my Mom was terrified but Dr. Mauer reassured us I would be OK, worked his magic on me in surgery by placing a stint in my leg to strengthen it and make me feel better.
In June of 2011, we relocated to Los Angeles where I had a backyard to run and play. Eventually I caused my stint to loosen. My Mom drove me back to Las Vegas to have Dr. Mauer remove it because we both knew he would be professional, gentle and caring.. . After that, I was great and my leg was totally healed…Once again, I could run like the wind and have a good time in the park.
The next time you need to see a Doctor, have your owners take you to Cheyenne West Animal Hospital and see for yourself what I mean when I tell you, HE’S THE BEST!
That’s who Dr. Mauer is!! Sincerely with Barks, “Bentley”

Dear Dr Mauer,

My husband and I would like to thank you so much for your special care and expert treatment of our most favorite pet.
Our pets are very dear to us, they are part of our family.

The ACL surgery you did on our Australian Sheep Dog gave him the ability to enjoy the rest of his life running around.
He went from being crippled and in pain to being happy, young and vibrant again and that’s saying a lot for a 14 year old !

You gave him another chance at a happy and active life which was very important to him and to us.

We will always appreciate you for your knowledge, expertise and competent handling of our beloved pet. You always treated both us and our pet in a very personal and caring way, we felt that you cared as much about him as we did.

Please feel free to share this letter with other pet owners as we mean this with full sincerity and you may share our phone number with anyone who would like an excellent reference on your services.

Yours Truly,
Terri & Fernando Gamboa