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Roger A. Mauer DVM has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Las Vegas area since graduation from Washington State University in 1971. He has owned numerous veterinary hospitals since that time. At present he is practicing Stem Cell Therapy, orthopedics, laparoscopy, and laser surgery at Cheyenne West Animal Hospital.

The Stem Cell therapy has proven to be one of the best cures for many pet ailments. This innovative and affordable treatment has been making news all over the country. This treatment is completely natural and there are no side effects other than occasional minor swelling at injected joint sites. Most animal owners see results in just days after treatment and their pets benefiting with less or no pain.

Dr. Mauer has a special interest in orthopedics and in 2002 was Slocum certified to perform theTibial Plateau Leveling Ostcotomy (TPLO) for ruptured anterior cruciate ligaments. He has been performing this surgery since that time and is able to perform many other orthopedic surgeries also. With the innovation of Stem Cell Therapy some surgeries are not necessary!

In 2002 Dr. Mauer began doing laparoscopy surgery. These minimally invasive surgeries involved ovariohysterectomies, gastropexy to prevent gastric dilitation volvulus, biopsies of major abdominal organs, and other procedures to aid in the comfort of the patient.

With his involvement in surgery Dr. Mauer began doing Laser Surgery in early 2000. His interest was stimulated by the lasers ability to decrease bleeding and better visualization of tissue and the fact that nerve endings are inactivated which results in less pain and discomfort to the patient. Since that time he has performed many procedures on the skin, mouth and throat, abdomen, ear, eyes. and enjoys using the laser for procedures such as castrations and ovariohysterectomies.

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